Benefits of Our Accreditation

Benefits of Our
Accreditation Programme

Our accreditation programme helps future-proof your catering offer, differentiates you from competitors, and assists in enhancing your employee well-being and retention. 

The following nine topics require you to reflect, consider and evaluate how you run your business. By working through each topic you will review how your business is performing and ensure it has the building blocks to be successful into the future.

Food Safety and Hygiene Standards

This is a prerequisite for any food and beverage business and will ensure you are operating to current legislation. 

Safety first!

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

What standards do you set for seasonality, provenance, and ethical purchasing?

Responsible sourcing

Do you recognise where your food comes from and how to ensure it is sourced in a responsible manner?

Menu Development and Nutritional Value

Know your market and current dining trends, how inclusive is your menu.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement & Customer Service

How do you engage and motivate your employees?

Environmental Impact

What is your impact and how are you planning to lower your impact on the environment?

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

With 4 out of 5 hospitality professional suffering a mental health issues within their career this topic helps to focus the mind on your team and how you can support them. This will aid retention and promote a better working culture for your business.

Quality Control and Continuous Improvement

How do you ensure what you are offering is what your customer are expecting?

Marketing and Promotion

In a digital age how are you promoting your business?

Partners & Experts

4 out of 5 hospitality professionals report having experienced at least one mental health issue during their career.

The Burnt Chef Project is a globally recognised not-for-profit Social Enterprise.We’re fully committed to making the hospitality profession healthier and more sustainable by focussing on people’s wellbeing first.

At Accredit, we want to improve and support the mental health of our employees. We have signed, have you?

Why should you make the Commitment?

Organisations who sign the commitment will lead the way in implementing each standard for their people. Along with each standard are ideas to get you thinking and tools to get you started—all aiming to make it easier for organisations big and small to implement each standard and drive change.

But beyond that, it’s a way of showing your values. By signing your organisation up to the Commitment, you’re declaring publicly that mental health at work is a priority for you—and you’re joining the growing movement of likeminded employers, businesses and organisations across the UK.

Other Benefits

✓ Future Proof Your Business
✓ Proven Consistent Quality
✓ Marketable Excellence 
✓ Higher Employee Retention 
✓ Improve Your Operation
✓ Stand Out in the Industry

“Accredit has given us a competitive edge, and we’re now attracting regular customers who appreciate our commitment to sustainability and quality.”

– Adam Vella