Why Choose Us?

Why Accredit?

Accreditation Award

We offer unlimited support, as craft experts, for our clients to share and discuss new ideas, issues and current best practice. This will ensure you are utilising and implementing the latest tools and solutions across your location.

As sustainability becomes ever more important we assist our clients with assessing the catering and FM operations, to set, monitor and reach the businesses challenging environmental goals.
We provide an energy-wise audit looking at catering best practice for energy efficient operations, with advice, tips, documents and training to improve or overcome wasted energy bad habits.
We work with the catering / cleaning team to enhance their professional development, output and provide options for them to further improve their department

Our catering networking Day

Many of our clients prefer a proportion of our visits to be unannounced to ensure that we experience a ‘normal working day’ environment during the visit.

Our clients are free to switch from one area of support to another under the scheme, and so can alternate between cleaning or catering support, kitchen design and even food purchasing.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ package, with most clients having a mix of both bespoke and predetermined audits.

For locations that outsource their catering we can also run competitive tenders, negotiations, benchmarking and financial audits. This will ensure your caterer is kept on their toes!

It is important that any caterer can demonstrate to us that they deliver their tender proposal promises, both operationally and financially.