The following are some of the most common problems we are asked about. If you would like to discuss any issues or have any questions, please get in touch

Can Accredit help with a problem I have with my catering?

Accredit are expert problem solvers and can take on your change management

I am having difficulty recruiting. Can you help?

Accredit can improve your volume of applicants and take up the strain of recruiting & running inductions

I am disappointed with my queue speed

Accredit can advise on improvements or redesign your space

I am upset by the amount of food wastage I see

Accredit have programmes and training that will reduce your wastage

The quality of the food is well below par

Accredit offers live training sessions and workshop that will improve your offer

I am experiencing low customer satisfaction

Accredit can inject innovation & run targeted change programs that will improve your customer satisfaction

I am not satisfied with my supplier

Accredit can resolve supplier problems, source new supply partners and find local capable suppliers to ensure confidence in traceability and safety

I am unhappy with my catering and cleaning costs

Accredit can negotiate reduced prices and fixed price periods for on target budgeting

There is a lack of attention to detail with our cleaning

Accredit can review your cleaning and make recommendations for improvement or change, often with cost efficiencies

I am aware of wasteful catering energy use

Accredit can train your team to minimise wasting energy and help create positive energy use habits

I am finding team retention challenging

Accredit have programmes for internal development and succession planning that benefit both the employer and employee

I need to improve my team's skills

Accredit produce bespoke training plans that focus on improving skills, not just legislation training. We also run group training at site or remotely

I am generally unhappy with my caterer

Accredit can benchmark or performance manage your caterer. We work with all of the industries caterer and have a track record of good combined improvements

I need a hand with menus and innovation

Accredit can review your menu and provide ideas for a menu uplift or start from scratch for you. We have dedicated development chefs that can add value and inject innovation

I am unsure of my catering contract compliance

Accredit can check your caterer is performing to contract promises and set KPI’s or provide advice to the caterer to ensure accuracy of service delivery

I am struggling to maintain standards

Accredit have a suite of audits that covers everything from environmental targets, customer journey, food quality, wastage, and Accredit legislative compliance that can ensure your team achieve and then maintain standards

So much time is wasted on admin

Accredit can recommend alternative working process or support your team to make the move to fully paperless operating methods

I am concerned about allergens

Accredit often help clients to audit and revise allergen management systems and documents to simplify and add controls, increasing protection for your customers and your reputation

It is challenging to find the best prices

Accredit are expert negotiators and can leverage you the best price and longest possible agreed fixed pricing to support your budget and maximise savings

I'm fed up with double or multiple data entry

Accredit can advise on ways to reduce your data handling and reporting, with a focus on what is needed instead of what has always been done

I would like to join you accreditation programme but is my data safe

Accredit has ‘cyber essentials’ certification. This ensure the safe storage and usage of data of any external data.

I'm not sure about my catering / cleaning equipment

Accredit undertakes asset reviews and advice for all of your catering/cleaning equipment to ensure accurate and suitable budgeting or beneficial investment

I have a poor food hygiene rating

Accredit can help improve your hygiene rating with corrective training and new processes or regular audits

I am overburdend by too many operational emails

Accredit can recommend alternative apps or processes to reduce email administration time and errors from wrongly transcribed email content

I am frustrated trying to track and trace purchase orders

Accredit are often asked to review the income and profitability for non core/event catering. This leads to advice and steps that can help you improve income and profit, or reorganise your focus for better financial benefit

I am interested in investing in a new catering / F&B offer or outlet

Accredit can provide a full design package including 3D renders and walk arounds. We also provide hands on launch support to get you through the teething period of a new outlet/offer

I need more space for catering / F&B!

Accredit can asses your production and cooking to space to first of all calculate the capacity v use and offer ideas for better use/improved capacity or design an extension or new space to meet your needs

Is it possible to create more space in my dining area?

Accredit can asses your space for improvements on existing, calculate your volume capacity to see if you are short of space or perhaps need reorganising, or design an enlarged space that will maximise your investment