Change management

Change Management

Providing comprehensive human resources (HR)
service plans for any area of your business.

Your HR Solution

Our knowledgeable consultants offer a holistic approach to managing human resources, focusing on effective communication, legal compliance, organisational structure, compensation, leadership development, inclusivity, talent management, and performance assessment.

HR Support Services

Our team of specialist consultants understand the need for effective HR support and management. They can provide advice, support, and solutions to various aspects in the comprehensive world of HR.

Leadership Support:

Our HR specialist consultants can also provide leadership support through executive coaching, offering training for managing through change and conducting 360 assessments and individual development planning.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I):

DE&I is important in any business and our consultants can perform D&I audits, establish D&I strategy, goals and plans and organise training and awareness activities.

Performance Management:

An area that is crucial for all businesses is the reviewing and enhancement of existing performance management systems. 

Our team can help provide training on effective performance management, including delivering difficult messages, goal setting and development planning.

Employee Engagement & Communication Plans:

Assisting leaders in developing a core narrative for employees.

Establishing a communication plan to manage change and drafting verbal and written communications.

TUPE Advice
(Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)):

This is a vast area of both internal and external tenders, and our consultants can help with various aspects including: Confirming the relevance of TUPE and consultation requirements, identifying workers in scope for TUPE. Managing consultation measures, employee representative selection, and support. Outlining project timelines with key milestones. Providing relevant documentation and managing voluntary or involuntary redundancies.


If there is a need for re-organisation within your business our team of experts can support the determination of appropriate team structures. Assist in creating job descriptions. Conduct flight risk assessments, Plan for succession and mapping career paths for core roles and advise on appropriate compensation and benefits. This may also include benchmarking pay and benefits to sector standards and consider flexible benefit options and pension plans.

HR Diagnostics /
Risk Assessment:

It may be established that your business needs reviewing in terms of its compliance, our consultants can conduct a People Data Audit (including GDPR compliance) and review HR policies and procedures (e.g., absence management, disciplinary actions, recruitment, onboarding).