Energy and Efficiency Audit


Maximise kitchen efficiency and minimise costs with our Energy and Efficiency Audit. Let us help you identify savings and improve your operations.


Are your operational costs spiralling out of control? Struggling to identify savings opportunities within your commercial kitchen? Look no further! Our Energy and Efficiency Audit for Commercial Kitchens is the solution you’ve been searching for. Commercial kitchens are notorious for large energy consumption, using up to 2.5 times more energy per square metre than any other commercial space. The rising costs are a pressing concern, and it’s high time to take action.

Our team of expert professionals is here to help. Our design director will visit your business at a convenient time to meticulously assess the key areas of your kitchen operations.

Our comprehensive audit covers:

Energy Consumption
Water Usage
Labour & Time Allocation
Review of Problematic Equipment
Identification of Underutilized or Inappropriate Equipment
Time Wastage
Food Wastage and Spoilage

What’s Included:
In-Person Attendance
Spatial Survey of All Food Service Areas
Assets Register of All Equipment
Electronic Scaled Drawings in AutoCAD of Your Existing Kitchen Arrangement
Detailed Report Highlighting Findings and Recommendations
Targeted Investment Suggestions and Saving Potentials

Don’t let rising costs eat into your profits. Our Energy and Efficiency Audit will provide you with actionable insights and a roadmap to optimise your kitchen operations. With our expert guidance, you’ll not only identify cost-saving opportunities but also enhance your overall efficiency, contributing to your long-term success.