Join The Accredit Programme Hassle Free – Including Six Visits to Your Business to Support Your Development

£500 / month

Let our team of consultants hand hold through our accreditation process, up to six visit to your location included within this package.

Future-proof your catering business, differentiate from competitors, and boost employee well-being with our accreditation programme.

Evaluate and enhance your business across nine crucial topics, from independent credibility to mental health and sustainability.

Our clear, simple and robust criteria ensures each fantastic business has completed our accreditation programme: to produce quality food & service, in a sustainable manner.


Elevate your business to new heights with our accreditation programme. Our programme is designed to future-proof your catering offer, differentiate you from competitors, and enhance employee well-being and retention. We understand the unique needs of hospitality businesses and offer a tailored solutions to help you succeed.

When you choose our programme, you’ll gain access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Onsite assistance: Our team of consultants will organise six visits to support your journey, at a pace to suit you.
  • Portal Access: Our exclusive portal provides you with a user-friendly platform to manage your accreditation journey effortlessly.
  • Assisted Onboarding: We’re here to support you every step of the way. Our team offers personalized assistance and familiarization support to ensure a smooth start.
  • Initial Window Sticker: Showcase your commitment to excellence with our “working towards” window sticker, letting your customers know you’re on the path to improvement.
  • Logo Display: Your business logo will be prominently featured in our “working towards” section on our website, increasing your visibility.
  • Award for >70% Compliance: When you achieve over 70% compliance, we’ll proudly issue you an award sticker, demonstrating your dedication to excellence.
  • Online Recognition: Upon receiving your award, your business will be prominently featured on our “Find Our Accreditation” webpage, and we’ll celebrate your success across our social media accounts.
  • Cancellation Flexibility: We offer a 14-day cancellation window, giving you the flexibility to adapt your commitment as needed
  • Contract: Minimum 12 month, pay monthly contract. After 12 months the subscription will be lower to £100 per month
    (subject to terms and conditions).

Our programme is built on nine key topics that encourage you to reflect, consider, and evaluate how you run your business. These topics include:

  1. Food Safety and Hygiene Standards: Ensure you’re operating in compliance with current legislation.
  2. Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients: Set high standards for seasonality, provenance, and ethical purchasing.
  3. Responsible Sourcing: Recognise the importance of responsible food sourcing.
  4. Menu Development and Nutritional Value: Stay ahead of market trends and promote inclusivity in your menu.
  5. Employee Engagement and Customer Service: Motivate and engage your team for bespoke customer service.
  6. Environmental Impact: Lower your environmental footprint and demonstrate sustainability.
  7. Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing: Prioritise the well-being of your team to enhance retention and work culture.
  8. Quality Control and Continuous Improvement: Maintain quality standards and continually strive for excellence.
  9. Marketing and Promotion: Elevate your brand visibility and customer engagement.

Unlock the potential for your business and stand out as a leader in your industry with our accreditation programme.