Staff retention

Staff retention

Key Facts...

£22 Billion is lost through current staffing vacancies. 

On average, the cost per hire is estimated to be around £15,095​​.

The UK Hospitality sector has 117,000 current vacancies.

The latest YouGov poll shows hospitality turnover at least at 30%.

Strategies for Success

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement and Leadership:


Offering flexible working arrangements, fair pay, and benefits packages, are effective ways to increase job satisfaction and loyalty.

Strong, positive leadership and engagement are crucial. Employees who feel valued, even during demanding schedules, are more likely to stay. It is important for management to acknowledge the hard work and contributions of their staff.

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Focus on Personal Development and Mental Wellbeing:

Keeping an open dialogue about career development and providing opportunities for personal growth are important. So too is having a culture of valuing individuals overall wellbeing. Employees should be allowed to shadow more experienced staff and discuss their career aspirations openly​​.

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Investing in Training and Development:


Providing ongoing training opportunities and cross-training in different departments can broaden employees’ skill sets and offer a clear pathway for growth within the organisation. Recognising and rewarding achievements through performance-based incentives and promotions motivates staff to stay long-term increasing overall staff presenteeism​​.