What Can You Do With Vegetable Peelings?

What Can You Do With Vegetable Peelings?

What Can You Do With Vegetable Peelings?

By James Stacey, Managing Partner, Accredit

Food businesses…in the quest for a more sustainable and flavourful kitchen, there’s a hidden gem often overlooked…vegetable peelings. Instead of automatically throwing them in the bin, consider turning these humble scraps into culinary treasures that elevate your dishes to new heights. From enhancing sauces and gravies to creating crispy snacks, the potential of vegetable peelings is vast and often untapped.

Here’s Accredits top four tips of what you can do with your vegetable peelings.

1; Boosting flavour in sauces and gravies:

Say goodbye to bland sauces and gravies by incorporating vegetable peelings. By using peelings as a base and frying them off, you can extract rich nutrients and flavours, infusing your culinary creations with an extra layer of depth and character.

2; Homemade vegetable crisps:

Transform your kitchen into a crunchy haven by turning vegetable peelings into homemade crisps. Simply peel, season, and deep fry to create a guilt free and delicious snack for your customers. Whether as a standalone treat or a garnish for salads, these crispy delights add texture and flavour to your repertoire.

3; Garnishes and salads:

Give your dishes a visual makeover by incorporating vegetable peelings as garnishes. Carrot and potato peelings, for example, can add a rustic and wholesome charm to your meals. Embrace the natural beauty of unpeeled vegetables, showcasing their vibrant colours and textures in salads for an eye-catching presentation.

4; Wholesome roast potatoes:

Reimagine your roast potatoes by skipping the peeling process. Embrace the crispy goodness of potato skins by simply cutting and roasting them. The result? Irresistibly crunchy roast potatoes that not only save time but also add a delightful texture to your meals.

Sustainability in every bite:

Beyond the gastronomic delights, utilising vegetable peelings in your cooking is a sustainable choice. It reduces food waste, minimises your environmental impact and showcases the versatility of seemingly ordinary kitchen scraps.

At Accredit Sustainability is at the core of our mission. Let us know which ones you’ll be implementing to your food business to save on food wastage and utilise your peelings.

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