The Alarming Reality of Food Waste – A Call to Action

The Alarming Reality of Food Waste

By James Stacey, Managing Partner, Accredit

Welcome to the Accredit knowledge Centre, where we shine a light on solutions for every day issues impacting the food industry. In this blog post, we explore a concerning statistic that demands our attention and action – One third of all food fit to eat is thrown away. Join us as we explore the depth of this issue, how our accreditation addresses it and the ways businesses can actively contribute to reducing food waste.

Understanding Food Waste

At Accredit, we understand that addressing food waste goes beyond awareness, it requires strategic measures. Part of our accreditation meticulously examines how businesses track their food waste. We not only assess the tracking process but also emphasise the significance of what businesses do with that crucial figure.

From Tracking to Action

Tracking food waste is just the first step. Our accreditation encourages businesses to leverage this data for more than just record-keeping. We highlight the transformative power of this figure, guiding businesses to make informed and sensible purchasing decisions. By reevaluating day to day operations, we aim to prevent overproduction and reduce unnecessary waste from the outset.

The Dark Reality – One Third of Edible Food Goes to Waste!

Here’s the dark reality, a third of all food fit to eat ends up in the bin. This alarming statistic calls for immediate attention and collective action. It’s not just about preventing waste. It’s about ensuring that every edible resource is valued and utilised to its fullest potential.

Accredit’s Commitment to Reducing Food Waste:

At Accredit, we are on a mission to combat this crisis. Our accreditation programme provides actionable strategies and guidelines to help businesses actively reduce food waste. By following our accreditation, businesses can contribute significantly to lowering this troubling statistic and fostering a more sustainable food industry.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Whether you’re a business owner, chef or consumer, you play a crucial role in combating food waste. Stay tuned for our upcoming videos and blogs where we share practical tips, success stories and expert insights on how you can actively participate in the fight against food waste.

Join us in addressing this critical issue head on. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and reshape the future of our food industry.

For more in depth resources and expert guidance on reducing food waste, explore our Knowledge Centre.

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