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The Story Behind Our Window Sticker

The Story Behind Our Window Sticker

By James Stacey, Managing Partner, Accredit

Welcome to a behind the scenes look at Accredit, where every element is meticulously crafted to not only catch the eye but also communicate valuable information. In this blog post, we explore the thought process behind our window sticker, a symbol of accomplishment for businesses that have achieved or working towards our prestigious accreditation.

Designing Attractiveness with Purpose:

Creating a window sticker that seamlessly blends attractiveness with informational value was our goal. We recognised the need for a design that not only stands out on a shopfront but also serves a deeper purpose providing insights into the significance of winning the accreditation.

The QR Code – A Gateway to Comprehensive Information:

Central to our window sticker design is the powerful QR code. This unassuming code holds the key to a wealth of information. For those seeking more detail on the accreditation process or customers curious about the benefits, our QR code is a direct link to all the answers. By simply scanning, you unlock a gateway to a world of valuable insights.

For Businesses – The Path to Winning the Award:

The QR code serves as a guide for businesses aspiring to win the Accredit award. It unravels the steps, the dedication, and the criteria that lead to achieving this esteemed recognition. For those with ambitions of elevating their business to new heights, the journey begins with a simple scan.

For Customers –  Decoding the Value:

As a customer, the Accredit window sticker isn’t just a symbol, it’s a promise. The QR code offers a clear explanation of what this accreditation means for you. What benefits do you gain as a customer? Why should you choose a business adorned with our sticker? The answers are just a scan away.

The Accredit Window Sticker – More Than A Symbol, A Source of Information:

Our window sticker isn’t merely a badge of honour, it’s a communicator. It signifies dedication to excellence and a commitment to customers. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, it serves as a bridge connecting businesses and customers through transparent information.

How to Get Your Accredit Window Sticker:

For businesses ready to showcase their commitment to excellence, winning the Accredit award is the first step. Once achieved, the exclusive window sticker becomes a tangible testament to your dedication.

Stay tuned for more insights on how Accredit is revolutionising the landscape of the food industry. The journey doesn’t end with the sticker, it’s just the beginning of a story told through excellence.


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